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The No. 940 Crew

  • Service & Manufacturing Corporation, Bartlesville, OK
    - Kumar Krishnan, Jerry Ruddick
  • Taylor Crane & Rigging, Inc., Coffeyville, KS
    - Dave Beeson
  • City of Bartlesville
    - Ed Gordon, Terry Lauritsen Lance Brown, John Bridges, Bobby Brown, Mike Florence, Joel Veach
  • Tom Birkett, Chief Engineer, Southwestern Tank Line, LLC.
    Former Superintendent of Railway Operations, Phillips Petroleum Co. & Rail Fleet Manager, Kerr-McGee Chemical.
  • Captain Jay Hastings, Bartlesville Department
    Former switchman and conductor SK&O Railroad
  • Dan Droege, DBD Communications
  • Zach Hilton, former engineer WATCO
  • Neal Conover
  • Julie Daniels
  • Emily Droege
  • Jim Grillot
  • Dale Nielsen
  • Arlen Weins
  • Ken Wright
  • APAC
  • Pryor Track, Pryor, OK
  • Mid States Fab & Steel, LLC, Dewey, OK
  • John's Cars & The Dallas Terminal Railway
  • Ft. Smith (AR) Trolley Museum
  • Bartlesville Area History Museum
    - Kay Little, Debbie Neece
  • Gallery

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