All aboard donors! Help complete the Santa Fe Waycar restoration project

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Come ride the rails with us!

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Thank you for your interest in the preservation and restoration of Santa Fe waycar #999969 (built in 1948 as #22259)
    The goal of this project is to:
  • Repair rusted metal to stop water infiltration
  • Sandblast and paint exterior
  • Replace floor
  • Remove windows & window plates
  • Build & install wood frame windows
  • Replace door windows
  • Repair, rebuild, restore cabinets
  • Build bunks
  • Repaint interior
  • Install interior and exterior lighting
  • Design, construct, install
  • exhibit panels
  • Miscellaneous items

  • Total Estimated Cost = $15,000

    This project will also:
  • Enhance the beautiful 100 year-old Bartlesville Santa Fe Depot
  • Attract more visitors to the Visitor Information Center at the Santa Fe Depot
  • Improve the western gateway to Downtown Bartlesville

  • The AT&SF No. 940 was purchased by the City of Bartlesville for $1.00 in 1956 to save her from the scrap heap. The Bartlesville Rotary Club was instrumental in bringing her to Bartlesville. She was transported by rail to historic Johnstone Park in 1956. In December 2009, thanks to generous private donors, No. 940 was lifted and transported back to the Santa Fe Depot in time for the depot's 100th birthday.

    Santa Fe waycar #999969 1948 - Built in Topeka as a CE-1 waycar (Caboose) and numbered originally 2259. Original paint - Santa Fe Mineral Brown with white lettering At 50,400 lbs., one of the heaviest classes of waycar owned by the Santa Fe Caboose was assigned to an individual conductor and served as his offi ce Rear end brakeman rode in the waycar with the conductor Engineer, fireman and head end brakeman rode in the engine 1970 - reclassifi ed and modifi ed into a CE-5 waycar; put into pool service. Renumbered 999969. 1980's - advances in technology made waycars obsolete 1983 - purchased by retired conductor Walter Aday who rode this waycar many times, including runs through Bartlesville The Waycar remained at his rural Chanute home until she was purchased by Friends of No. 940 On September 28, 2011 she was set on display track at the 102 year old Santa Fe Depot in Bartlesville To join the 108 year old No. 940

    We invite you read more about the AT&SF No. 940 and help us add to our knowledge of this "Workhorse" steam locomotive and Bartlesville's railway history.

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Thank You to our donors

Thank you donors for your generous financial support. You made the restoration of No. 940 a reality! Now, with your help, we will restore Waycar #999969. For a complete list of donors and to join the group, please see our donors page.