Volunteer Thomas Downey prepares the caboose exterior for repainting.

Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into creating the Depot Train Display. The project began in 2009 with the relocation of the locomotive from Johnstone Park to the Bartlesville Depot and the building a 200-foot-long display track complete with lighting, security and video display. Many more volunteer hours and ten of thousands of dollars have gone into restoring AT&SF No. 940, AT&SF caboose No. 2259 and oil tank car AOX No. 930.

Project 940 Work Crew

Tom Birkett, Monty Cunningham, Julie Daniels, David Pennell, Jay Hastings, Thomas Downey, Brian Banks, Dan Droege and City of Bartlesville employees.

Project 940 Partners

The Lyon Foundation, David L. Greene, Taylor Crane & Rigging, Timmons Sheet Metal, Holtz Electric, Glenn Security Systems, Bartlesville Custom Cabinets, AZZ Galvanizing, Service & Technology Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Pioneer Productions, the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce and the Ruby Darby Questers.